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CCTV systems are very important to protect buildings, property, and possessions at all times, giving you peace of mind that your valuable assets are guarded and safe. They use cameras focused on a targeted area to transmit signals to a specific place. They can be set up to run continuously, be turned on and off by an operator, or be automatically triggered when movement is detected.

We work with you to design the integrated video surveillance solution suited to your needs, whether you’re developing a new system or need to retrofit an existing one.

We provide both analog and IP CCTV cameras:

  • Analog surveillance cameras have a sensor to capture video images, which they convert into a format that can be displayed on other viewing devices like a DVR or monitor. They have a high rate of compatibility with other devices and offer a greater variety of models. This makes them very convenient if you want to integrate the analog camera into an existing system of devices, or if you have a hybrid that bridges the gap between analog and IP-based cameras.
  • IP cameras have their own distinct advantages. They offer increased flexibility and higher resolution (up to 7K) compared to analog cameras. When they capture images, that data is immediately digitized, which means no further conversions are needed. Since image quality typically decreases with each conversion or digitization or when the signal must travel too far, an IP surveillance camera will give you better images.

We offer a variety of storage solutions, including on-site commercial hard drives and off-site cloud storage. Different analytics tools and options also give you a better sense of what’s going on (motion detection, people counting, facial recognition, etc.) and help you to respond appropriately (detecting intruders, informing customers about promotions, prompting recording, etc.).

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