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Water Meter APP was designed to assist with documenting accurate water usage meter readings. Instead of manually entering data, the app helps to track the meter reading of water meters correctly and the addresses are being pre-populated automatically. This will reduce chances of errors in entering the numbers and will also allow swift merging of data.

PayAsUGOFitness mission is to connect people with fitness. We will partner with gyms and studios up and down the country to offer you the largest range of fitness venues and groups classes in North America. We believe there should be no barriers to fitness we’ve built PayAsUGOfitness to make that happen.

Try makeup in real-time with the live Makeup Cam and buy the products you love now. Get an instant makeover with hundreds of makeup & beauty looks that you can apply in real life just like a magic mirror.Your Live Makeup Skincare Diary helps you to keep track of your skin needs and improvements in your skin health over time

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Water Meter Reading Form Mobile App

Gym/ Fitness


Main Features
  • Swift Entering of Data
  • Auto Sync
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Flexible Gym Passes
  • Available on your IOS, Android, Windows
  • No contracts, No admin Fee, Cancel any time
  • Live Chat
  • Makup Tips
  • live ME

Our Latest Portfolios

Find the top Latest Online Invoice Softwares .

Designing Software
Management Software
Invoicing Software

NUR PRINT…Create amazing Posters and Flyers in minutes. Thousands of templates, free downloads and easy tools. Our design templates and easy to use tools allow you to create great looking flyers, posters and other designs for printing or sharing on social media.

Organizations like campus recreation centers, and recreation centers depend on Lexia Membership software. Lexia membership management software is designed to help you easily input, track and access member data from one centralized system, offering you a complete view of all member activities.

IMS – Invoice Management System is a web-based invoicing software that helps you craft your hassle-free invoices designed specifically for AlarmForce Industries. It can be sent to the Managers with a single-click — it’s that simple. If you need a physical copy, invoices can be printed, too.

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Desigin Posters

Membership Database


Main Features
  • Predesign Templates
  • Interactive Platform
  • Free Download & Share
  • Document Management
  • Paperless
  • Transparency in Systems
  • Online Quick invoicing
  • Effortless expense management
  • Insightful reports


Phase one ‘Discovery and Research’ involves acquiring the data as per our customer’s requirements. We analyse the requisites which is followed by a colloquy carried out in order to establish the framework of the product we are required to deliver. Building wireframes, mockups, requirement specification etc are a part of the first phase as well. Our aim is to get through the first phase with precision for a hands down delivery!

Phase two or the planning phase, the solution to building your project lies in this stage. From base architecture to database design, the cornerstones of the project are built here. Through meticulous planning, we safeguard against prospective fallbacks. We can assure our customers that their projects would be dealt with paramount importance and will be worked upon to the best of our abilities.

Phase three ‘Development and Production’ is the stage wherein we start creating the building blocks. Each feature of our customer’s project is scrupulously developed and goes through extensive unit testing and modular checks. The customer is updated throughout the production process. Every fortnight, we aim to deliver a working, shippable part of the project to our customers. This ascertains that with every delivery, they could see the progress and quality of their product.

The fourth phase or the final phase is associated with the delivery of the finished product. This stage involves the integration of the modules after which the product is made to pass through a full regression and stress testing followed by the delivery of the product. We ensure that the product delivered to our customers is foolproof.

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Jessica Mcdonald

Jessica Mcdonald

John Smith

CEO, Pay As You Go Fitness


Partner/Starplus Autobody


Director, Northumberland Pharmacy

Lexia technologies has excelled at this project and we simply could not find anyone with their skills, attitude or value in our local market. We will definitely use them again. Highly responsive, always available, adding great suggestions for improvement, hitting deadlines. Would definitely recommend them without question.

Jessica Mcdonald

CEO, Invest Biticon

We have cooperated with Lexia technologies Software on several projects. We initially chose them because they were very customer-oriented right from the start. They have exceeded all expectations, and have delivered the work on time (or earlier) at a great price. Very easy to work with, good communication, advanced programmers with great understanding and delivering exceptional results. Highly recommended!


CEO, Pay As You Go Fitness

Lexia technologies Software is not your average IT sweatshop . They should be viewed as a consultancy that also develops solid IT solutions and is competent in the International stage. They participate in idea generation, proffer suggestions and delivers solutions far exceeding my clients’ requirements. Moreo … read more


Partner/Senior, Starplus Autobody Sales

Lexia Technologies has been fantastic to work with.Meeting the needs of the project, they were very expedient to complete the task. They truly understand the requirements and the communication were excellent. We always enjoy working with them and glad to help on various tasks.

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