Web Applications

A web application is software that is accessed using a browser. The user only needs a device like a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone that has a browser (e.g. Internet Explorer / Chrome / Firefox / Safari) and an Internet connection. There is no need to install any software on this device. Software can be updated in the background centrally on the server. They can be made available on the Internet or Intranet.

Mobile Applications

Mobile application or app is software that runs on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. It helps easier access to Internet services. Each mobile operating system requires a separate app. Hence separate apps are required for Apple, Android and Windows based smartphones.Mobile usage is growing at an exponential rate and businesses must have a mobile presence and execute their business processes on this new channel to stay ahead in today’s competitive business environment.

Web Design & Development

Our web design and development service includes creating websites. These can be simple static websites to complex websites like e-commerce and social media. It includes graphic user interface design, coding in popular web technologies like .NET/PHP, content management that gives the ability to make changes to website by non-technical users, network security configuration and, content writing.

Alarm & Home Automation

At Lexia Technologies, we specialize in simplifying lives, and your business is a big part of your life. Just like any other part of your life, you want to be there—even when you can’t. That’s why we offer integrated, automated technology solutions that manage themselves so you can focus on what’s really important: your business and your customers.Manage all of these devices from one app on your phone.

IT Support and Solutions

In today’s competitive business environment, a well equipped IT support solutions are essential, as structuring you IT system, will help you earn that winning edge in the industry. Whether your enterprise is a start-up or a medium or large-scale corporation, you will need to define your IT strategies to optimize your business objectives sooner or later

Digital Marketing

If you are looking for a Digital Marketing Campaign, we will complement your organic online marketing and social media engagement efforts. Online advertising or digital marketing campaigns offer a quick way to tap into existing traffic networks, get attention, drives clicks, traffic, and leads.Auditing and Optimization of Existing Sites, Development and Implementation of SEO Strategies for New Sites and Local SEO for Small and Medium Businesses.


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